Secret Love/საიდუმლო სიყვარული
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Secret Love/საიდუმლო სიყვარული

ალტერნატიული სახელი Mishiranu Tsuma no Kao, Secret Love: Fuuzokujou no Koi, Secret Love: Mishiranu Tsuma no Kao, シークレット・ラブ, シークレット・ラブ 永遠の片思い, シークレット・ラブ 見知らぬ妻の顔

სინოფსისი Secret Love/საიდუმლო სიყვარული

There are some relationships that are not meant to be, but human emotion and passion sometimes overcome those uncharted boundaries. The beautiful wife living next door, step siblings with bottled up feelings for each other, the old fling from high school days. These relationships were never meant to happen for good reasons but that one night and one moment in time, both man and woman throw out logic and reason to give in to their primal needs.

გამოსვლის თარიღი 2018
ავტორი MAAKOU
მხატვარი MAAKOU
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